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About Claire

Certified Master Jungian Coach | MSc in Mental Health Psychology | Dreamer | Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher 

Claire: name is French in origin, meaning

Illustrious, Enlightened, Bright, Clear , Distinct and Shining

~ all qualities I bring to your coaching journey



I have felt the imbalance in my body, mind, heart and spirit which was telling me that something needed to transform- that I needed to transform.


I found myself in a space where I no longer knew who I was. I couldn't recognise the person I had thought that I was, and by striving every day to remain this person I was left exhausted, doubting my worth, having no understanding of my purpose - my "why" in life - lacking meaningful connection to myself and others. I would often ask myself "how can I show up when I don't recognise myself anymore?".

Does this sound like you?

I've done the journey.

Every day is an opportunity for greater discovery of who I truly am and what I need for clarity and harmony with my Self. I walk my journey with a lightness of spirit, a deep sense of love for my entire being, a true direction of purpose and meaning, and with no fear of letting my bright light shine and illuminate my paths - both inwardly and outwards.

I am here to help you bring clarity and renewed life to your internal and external paths, and nourish your own light so that you can see your journey and


walk its illustrious path with purpose and revitalised joy.


Your journey is unique to you, and so your sessions will reflect this uniqueness.

According to what you need in your journey of exploration and discovery, I will draw from my knowledge, skills and practices from my studies as well as from my personal experiences. 

I will meet you wherever you are on your journey

and tailor-make your sessions to honour the steps you have already taken, and will take to shine your brilliance and thrive in harmony with your True Self.

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Are you searching for your
true self?
Then come out of your own prison. Leave the little creek and join the mighty river that flows into the ocean."

~ Rumi

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